Datasheet Cards: Astra Militarum


A set of Datasheets specifically designed for using your Astra Militarum Citadel miniatures in games of Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse. Each datacard provides the full rules and profiles for a single unit from the Astra Militarum faction. Also included is a Faction card that details the faction rules that apply to Astra Militarum Detachments. The reverse side of each card features the faction s icon.The set includes datacards for the following units:- Lord Castellan Creed- Colour Sergeant Kell- Colonel  Iron Hand Straken- Sergeant Harker- Sly Marbo- Company Commander- Platoon Commander- Knight Commander Pask- Tank Commander- Tempestor Prime- Commissar Yarrick- Lord Commissar- Primaris Psyker- Astropath- Wyrdvane Psykers- Militarum Tempestus Command Squad- Militarum Tempestus Scions- Colonel Schaeffer s Last Chancers- Ogryns- Bullgryns- Nork Deddog- Ratlings- Special Weapons Squad- Command Squad- Master of Ordnance- Commissar- Officer of the Fleet- Infantry Squad- Conscripts Veterans- Scout Sentinels- Armoured Sentinels- Hellhound- Bane Wolf- Devil Dog- Hydra- Wyvern- Basilisk- Manticore- Deathstrike- Leman Russ Battle Tank- Heavy Weapons Squad- Banehammer- Banesword- Baneblade- Doomhammer- Hellhammer- Shadowsword- Stormlord- Stormsword- Chimera- Taurox- Valkyrie- Taurox PrimeThis datacard set requires a copy of Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse to use.

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